Yara Marine Technologies appoints new Chief Sales Officer

Yara Marine Technologies has appointed Aleksander Askeland as Chief Sales Officer, effective March 1st. Aleksander has worked for the broader Yara group since 2016, starting in the Industrial segment for the Environmental Solutions business unit, then managing the Animal Nutrition Business unit (350 MEUR revenue). He has also worked on strategic projects in Supply Chain and Strategy & Business Development.

Aleksander Askeland

“I am delighted to take on the challenge of leading the Sales & Marketing team in Yara Marine Technologies”, says Aleksander, “with our products we are delivering solutions for the future”. “Looking ahead, I am thrilled to look into our opportunities and way forward to become a broad provider of environmental technologies for the maritime industry”.

Prior to joining Yara, Aleksander worked four years as Director for Sales & Business Development for the Store Norske mining company in Svalbard. He has also worked for the Boston Consulting Group (BCG), a global management consultancy. Aleksander holds a Master’s degree in Economics from Yale University and a Bachelor of Arts from Oxford University

About Yara Marine Technologies 

 The company has been a forerunner in the emission reduction technology industry since 2010; the first company offering an inline SOx scrubber to the marine segment.  

With more than 300 scrubber systems delivered and millions of successful operating hours, the company has an impressive amount of experience in the marine exhaust gas cleaning industry, delivering scrubbers to all the major marine segments from cargo to passenger vessels.  

Regardless of vessel and engine type, Yara Marine can deliver the best solution for reliable and cost-efficient IMO compliance. 

Yara Marine has offices in Sweden, China and HQ in Oslo, Norway.