Yara Marine has been granted a patent for their exhaust gas cleaning scrubber technology

Yara Marine Technologies is proud to announce that it has obtained a granted patent for their exhaust gas cleaning scrubber invention in US and Norway. Further patent applications are still pending in other countries.

Yara Marine Technologies was the first company to introduce the inline scrubber to the marine segment in 2010 and the company has invested heavily into further development of the technology over the last few years. In 2016 the company introduced both multi engine inlet and mini-scrubbers with highly adjustable designs to allow the scrubber dimensions to be adjusted to the specific vessels available space, making it a very sought-out solution for retrofits.

The patent covers unique design elements that result in advantages like low back pressure and no moving parts. The nozzle is uniquely designed to avoid nozzle clogging and can create optimum water distribution. The Yara Marine Technologies’ patent also covers structures within the scrubber design that create gas flow which increases residence time.

“The patent of Yara Marine’s exhaust gas scrubber technology, marks an important milestone in the company’s history and it documents the unique features of our exhaust gas cleaning technology”, says Yara Marine Technologies’ CEO, Mr Peter Strandberg.

“We will continue to further develop our unique technology and find new and more efficient ways to help our marine clients reduce the marine emission to safeguard the environment to both sea and air”, Mr Strandberg concludes.

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