Yara, as the first exhaust gas cleaning provider, has received the first EIAPP certificate on behalf of a marine client

Yara Marine Technologies’ NOx reduction Sales subsidiary, Yara Environmental Technologies, is proud to announce that as the first marine exhaust gas cleaning company, it has received the EIAPP scheme B certificate, guaranteeing full compliance for the vessel’s engine and SCR system combined.

For Yara, the EIAPP certificate, marks an important milestone in the company’s history as it is the first time an exclusive exhaust gas cleaning provider has been able to complete a full system test resulting in the Scheme B, emission certificate.

“The certificate marks a technical breakthrough for our company as we are the first SCR supplier to successfully obtain this certificate on behalf of a marine customer”, says head of marine SCR sales in Yara Environmental, Mr Michael Rutkowski.

“Up until this moment, the certification process has been done by engine makers and with also SCR producers now being able to assist in this process, the customers will have a broader range of providers to select from. We believe customers will see the value of being given a wider range of options for EIAPP certification”, concludes Mr Rutkowski.

Yara Marine Technologies’ CEO, Mr Peter Strandberg is also very pleased to be able to offer a more integrated full technology and service package to the marine market.

“At Yara we continuously look for more efficient and integrated ways to assist our marine customers, and the EIAPP certificate confirms the unique market position of our company and the breadth of services we can provide our customers”, concludes Mr Strandberg.

The group certification process was headed by a Yara team led by Certification Manager Alexander Müller and was done for an undisclosed marine customer on MAN engines (2x 8L32/40 and 2x 7L32/40) in combination with Yara’s SCR system. This resulted in the EIAPP certificates verifying that the complete systems are in full IMO MARPOL Annex VI, IMO Tier II and Tier III compliance (MEPC291(71) and NTC2008).

More information on how Yara Environmental can act as an applicant for a combined engine and SCR system described above, can be received by contacting Yara on below details:

For further information, please contact:
Michael Rutkowski, Head of Technology Sales, Yara Environmental Technologies GmbH, email: michael.rutkowski@yara.com
Alexander Müller, Certification Manager, email: alexander.mueller@yara.com
Peter Strandberg, CEO Yara Marine Technologies, email: peter.strandberg@yaramarine.com