Why we are the solution

Sulphur oxides can take your breath away. Clean air is our goal and we are well on the way to making our planet a safer place to live here and now, but also for the generations coming after us.   

We have been the solution for many shipowners and -operators, and we will continue to be. Our highly skilled engineers will tailor-make the solution to fit the dimensions and the requirements of your vessel. 

The company’s research and development of alternative alkalis for use in closed loop, to avoid extensive use of toxic chemicals, makes us a safe choice. As well does our high focus on material quality to avoid corrosion issues, which has been a factor of concern among the decisionmakers in the process of choosing a solution for compliance. 

Ina Reksten, COO

We have the solution. If you look at shipping, it’s not a homogeneous industry. It consists of several operators with unique and defined needs. It will not be one solution that fits all to meet the compliance requirements, but we are one important and big part of that, and for many of our partners, we are the solution.” – Ina Reksten, COO.