Route Pilot AI

Route Pilot AI is a cloud-based AI-powered ship operation support system. It provides you with a tool to calculate the parameters that achieve the most energy-efficient sea voyages while carrying out the same transport work.

Use the power of AI to make every voyage the most efficient one.

Changing operational mindsets

Same transport work, same time spent, less fuel consumed.

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Unique digital twin model

When high frequency perfomance data of a vessel is gathered, AI can be used to create a digital twin model.

In Route Pilot AI, this model is used to predict the performance of a vessel in changing conditions.

With machine learning, every new voyage contributes to continuously improving the model.

Digital twin modelling combined with machine learning result in ever more precise simulations.

Optimized voyage power settings

Route Pilot AI provides ship and shore-based personnel with a user-friendly tool for maximizing fuel savings throughout a voyage.

The digital twin model enables simulations of operational performance in forecasted environmental conditions.

With Route Pilot AI, an upcoming voyage can be planned in the most energy-efficient way within the operational requirements and constraints in predicted weather and sea conditions:

  • Calculate optimal power settings
  • Calculate alternative ETAs and/or ETDs
  • Compare alternative routes
  • Choose the best vessel for operating a specific route

During an ongoing voyage, the remaining part of the voyage can be recalculated and re-optimized on the basis of the latest available forecast – all it takes is the click of a button.

AI-powered voyage optimization provides significant fuel savings.

Key benefits of Route Pilot AI

Route Pilot AI will ensure that every voyage is the most efficient one. Here are the key benefits of the system:

  • In line with CII regulations: Enhanced fuel efficiency and emissions reductions on every voyage
  • Turns high-frequency vessel data into operational actions for upcoming voyages
  • Optimizes voyage power settings by taking internal and external factors into consideration
  • Updates power optimization at any time during an ongoing voyage at the click of a button
  • Increases operational transparency and improves communication between ship and shore
  • Minimizes operational uncertainties through accurate ETA and consumption calculations
Route Pilot AI can be used to optimize voyages for vessels across entire fleets.

The complete package

Route Pilot AI: Calculate the most energy-efficient operational setpoints for a planned voyage.

FuelOpt: Execute energy-efficient voyages in real time.

Fleet Analytics: Turn vessel performance data into actionable knowledge to improve operations over time.

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