FuelOpt is a user-friendly system that delivers direct, real-time propulsion optimization, resulting in greater energy efficiency and lower fuel costs. The FuelOpt system provides an ideal pathway to compliance with incoming EEXI regulations. 

Install FuelOpt to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 15%. 

Save fuel every second

FuelOpt is suitable for improving the energy efficiency and operational performance of any type or size of vessel, and is compatible with any type of propulsion system, engine, or energy source.  

The technology is easy to install and easy to use, empowering the bridge crew with full control of the key vessel efficiency parameters. In addition, FuelOpt removes costly variations in speed and power caused by human operational factors, which avoids overconsumption of fuel, particularly in harsh sea state and weather conditions. 

FuelOpt is already in use on more than 250 vessels worldwide, representing over 50 different ship-owners.

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A comprehensive solution for fuel efficiency

FuelOpt is a user-friendly way of implementing greater energy efficiency and lowering fuel costs, thereby increasing the operational performance of any vessel or fleet. The system also facilitates compliance with incoming EEXI regulations

Emissions reductions regulations and the increasing importance of decarbonization are driving ship-owners and operators to look for technical and operational means to make their fleets greener. By cutting down on fuel consumption and associated emissions, FuelOpt provides an ideal pathway to compliance, with the added benefit of reducing operating expenditures. 

FuelOpt focuses on the parameters that matter most for vessel efficiency:  

  • Vessel speed 
  • Engine power 
  • Maximum allowed fuel consumption 
  • …or a combination these
FuelOpt’s bridge panel provides full control of the key vessel efficiency parameters.

The FuelOpt panel provides a direct interface between the machinery and the bridge, empowering the captain and crew with full control of these key vessel efficiency parameters. When commands are set, the automated system dynamically monitors and controls vessel propulsion power in real-time, allowing it to optimize energy efficiency. 

“When the crew sets the required values in FuelOpt, it follows our orders precisely, and does it for cheaper. Besides, FuelOpt has access to more pitch on the propeller than we can set manually.”

Captain Svein Ove Trondsen, Color Magic, Color Line

Automated and direct fuel savings

FuelOpt is a responsive system that automatically adapts to changing environmental conditions and prevents overconsumption of fuel in adverse conditions. 

Speed and consumption management for all vessels (fixed pitch and controllable pitch propeller)

Through direct control of the main engine and propeller in changing environmental and loading conditions, FuelOpt ensures that propulsive power remains optimal, based on the commands set from the bridge. This offers steady and predictable propulsive power while prioritizing a reduction in fuel consumption and emissions  – unlike the default propulsion systems on board most ships.

FuelOpt is designed to find the ideal balance between fuel consumption and speed, without ever compromising the safety of the vessel. Operating with a constant consumption or shaft power setpoint provides full control of fuel consumption, emissions, and cost levels. By doing so, the crew can avoid unwanted overconsumption during harsh weather, while reaping the rewards during good weather. 

Dynamic pitch / RPM regulation (controllable pitch propeller)

For vessels equipped with controllable pitch propeller, further efficiency gains can be achieved by regulating propeller pitch and engine RPM separately.  

Today, most vessels are operating with lower than optimal propeller pitch and higher than optimal engine RPM. This is because the actual operating conditions of a vessel usually turns out to be very different from what the vessel was originally designed for.  

On vessels with controllable pitch propeller, FuelOpt acts as a dynamic tuning system for the propulsion machinery that separately manages the propeller’s pitch and engine RPM to produce the greatest amount of thrust with the least expenditure of power, which further improves energy efficiency. It also adds an extra layer of operational safety by avoiding risk of overload on the engine system and propulsion line.

Key benefits of FuelOpt

FuelOpt is already installed on more than 200 vessels worldwide, and the majority of customers are returning for fleet-wide installations. The reasons are many, with the system providing a wide range of benefits from the moment it is operative. Here are the key benefits of FuelOpt:

Easily integrated on any vessel

FuelOpt is easily integrated and functions on any type of vessel, regardless of age or size and existing machinery on board, including engine and propulsion. The system runs independently of the energy source/fuel burned and can enhance efficiency before and after vessel upgrades. 

Improves vessel performance

Optimizes propulsive efficiency, improves speed and fuel consumption management, and contributes to improved vessel performance.

Reduces fuel consumption and emissions

Provides substantial fuel savings and reductions in operational expenditures. Exact savings depend on vessel and operation profile, but can be up to 15% for vessels with controllable pitch propeller, and averages 3-4% for ships with fixed pitch propeller. Lower fuel consumption results in significantly lower CO2 and other fuel-based emissions.

Short payback time

Savings are realized as soon as the system is operative, resulting in a short payback time of less than one year.

Automated and user-friendly

Simplicity in design and intuitive controls ensure easy implementation and user-friendly daily operations. With FuelOpt, the crew does not have to constantly monitor and adjust propulsive parameters. This is all done automatically in real-time according to your needs and prioritizations. The crew is given full control of key vessel efficiency parameters, and FuelOpt takes it from there.

Real-time Fleet Analytics

Data collection of vessel performance and emissions is transmitted in real-time to Fleet Analytics or other performance management systems, enabling fact-based decisions that improve operational performance. 

Excellent customer support

Our services include an initial performance study, on board measurements, system design integration, automation, and controls, installation, and commissioning – the latter of which requires minimum installation space and can be performed in a few days with very little disturbance of vessel operations. No off-hire time or long and costly training required.

Future-proofs vessels

FuelOpt enables compliance with the IMO’s proposed EEXI and CII regulations. It is also compatible with the transition to new fuels and AI-powered vessel operations. 

Does FuelOpt offer EEXI compliance?
Yes. FuelOpt’s innovative design has been compliant with the proposed Energy Efficiency Existing Ship Index (EEXI) framework currently under consideration by the IMO since the system’s initial design and launch in 2013. If EEXI is approved, regulations are expected to come into force in 2023. 

Does FuelOpt offer CII compliance?
Yes. FuelOpt helps vessels comply with the IMO’s Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII), which measures ship efficiency and is designed to encourage consistent improvement in the global fleet. 

Transitioning to new fuels
Although alternative fuels and hybrid propulsion systems will likely be necessary for energy transition, the best way to ensure environmental and financial sustainability will still be found in an overall reduction of fuel consumption.  

AI-powered vessel operations offer the most energy-efficient voyages
While AI-powered support systems provide efficient solutions for planning voyages, real-time execution of these predicted voyages needs solutions of their own to ensure optimal performance. FuelOpt is the perfect fit for this purpose.

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The complete package

Route Pilot AI: Calculate the most energy-efficient operational setpoints for a planned voyage.

FuelOpt: Execute energy-efficient voyages in real time.

Fleet Analytics: Turn vessel performance data into actionable knowledge to improve operations over time.

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