Vessel Optimization

Yara Marine’s Vessel Optimization solutions offer a unique combination of direct, real-time fuel optimization and data analysis over time, leading to improved operational efficiency. 

Enhance your competitiveness by saving fuel, cutting costs, and reducing emissions.

The complete package

Route Pilot AI: Calculate the most energy-efficient operational setpoints for a planned voyage.

FuelOpt: Execute energy-efficient voyages in real time.

Fleet Analytics: Turn vessel performance data into actionable knowledge to improve operations over time.

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Efficient operational planning and voyage execution

The maritime industry is facing an increasing range of challenges. In addition to being profitable, ship-owners and operators need to maintain healthy and sustainable business practices by taking responsibility for the environment and meeting regulatory requirements.  Furthermore, efficiency improvements at all levels is crucial to remain competitive in the long term.  

These challenges often drive major internal changes and investment costs that are difficult to prioritize.

We provide answers to these challenges by offering Vessel Optimization solutions for efficient operational planning and voyage execution that help ship-owners and operators save money and the environment at the same time. To understand how we achieve this, read more below.


FuelOpt is a user-friendly system that delivers direct, real-time propulsion optimization, resulting in greater energy efficiency and lower fuel costs.

The FuelOpt system provides an ideal pathway to compliance with EEXI regulations.

Install FuelOpt to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 15%. 

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Fleet Analytics

Fleet Analytics is a state-of-the-art performance management and reporting system. It gathers, structures, and analyzes vessel data to support you in making fact-based decisions that improve your operations. 

Turn vessel data into actionable knowledge and realize indirect fuel savings of up to 10%. 

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Route Pilot AI

Route Pilot AI is a cloud-based AI-powered ship operation support system. It provides you with a tool to calculate the parameters that achieve the most energy-efficient sea voyages while carrying out the same transport work.

Use the power of AI to make every voyage the most efficient one.

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Our Vessel Optimization solutions help you achieve EEXI compliance and improve your CII ratings.

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Via Kaizen project

Accelerating the technological development, realization, and adoption of AI-powered ship operation support technology.

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Future-proof your vessels

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