The building blocks of sustainability (CII)

By Mikael Laurin,
Head of Vessel Optimization
at Yara Marine Technologies

We are well into 2023, the first year the new CII requirements take effect, and on this occasion our Head of Vessel Optimization Mikael Laurin has written an article about the topic for Zero Emission Ships, a supplement to the latest edition of The Naval Architect published by the Royal Institution of Naval Architects.

In the article, he highlights how data gathering systems will be vital in achieving CII compliance and the best possible ratings:

“Good data gathering systems, ideally through streamlined performance management and reporting tools, will allow for tracking of vessel performance, analysis of vessel and fleet performance, and using the data to suggest actionable measures. A significant benefit of these systems is that they can continually analyze the operations to estimate the operational level of carbon intensity, making year-on-year improvements in vessel emissions far more viable and visible.”

He also points out that data gathering and analysis should be paired with investments in green technologies for optimal results:

“ldeally, shipowners and operators would be looking to pair a data gathering or performance management system with green technology that can ensure planned gains are implemented. […] lf you can measure it, you can manage it. With a baseline of vessel performance measured and established, it then becomes possible to continuously improve on it.”

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Originally published in Zero Emission Ships, a supplement to The Naval Architect February 2023.