Staying safe and healthy in Yara Marine

We have a responsibility to keep our employees and contractors safe. Building a safety culture requires ownership and pride in committing to our ambition of zero injuries. This is what we believe in Safe by Choice, our safety and health program.

When talking about Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), you should always think about three rules:

Do NOT hurt yourself.

Do NOT hurt others.

Do NOT get hurt by others.

It all starts from protecting yourself by wearing all necessary PPEs correctly. As a Yara Marine employee working onboard an ocean-going vessel or inside a shipyard, is your right and duty to obtain and wear all the necessary PPE. The different types of PPE we use at Yara Marine include face masks, gloves, eye protection, high visibility clothing, safety helmet and laced safety footwear.

Based on the Work & Safety Law, in the course of operation, employees shall strictly abide by work safety rules and regulations and operation instructions of the units where they work, subject themselves to supervision and use the gear for occupational protection in a correct way.

Safe by Choice logo

Each PPE will protect a part of your body – wear helmet to avoid being hit by falling objects or knock on your head, have glasses on to protect against splashing particles and liquid, use the safety shoes to protect your feet from smashing and piercing. And, do not forget complete protection coveralls, they are anti-static and protect against many dangers, such as fire.

Whether PPEs are worn or not, whether they are properly worn or not, makes a significant difference. Safety starts with you, be safe by choice.

We want everyone to be safe and healthy!