What is a scrubber?

A scrubber does as the name suggests, by “scrubbing” the exhaust gas through a cloud of water, thereby removing SOx and reducing the harmful emissions generated by burning fuel.

Our SOx scrubber systems clean your exhaust and ensures compliance with IMO regulations.

“Scrubbing” away emissions

On vessels outfitted with exhaust gas cleaning system – commonly referred to as scrubbers – the engine exhaust gas is bypassed through chambers that contain a carefully generated “scrubbing cloud” of water. SOx pollution present in the exhaust is removed when it reacts with the high number of water droplets.

Scrubber water absorbs SOx emissions and other particulate matter (removing >80% by mass) that would otherwise be emitted as part of the exhaust gas stream. The water is eventually discharged back into the sea, where it is neutralized by the natural alkalinity of seawater. Discharge water is continuously monitored and well within regulatory limits.

This process significantly reduces the harmful emissions generated by burning fuel. With a Yara Marine scrubber it is, therefore, possible to continue operating on heavy fuel oil (HFO) after the implementation of IMO 2020, instead of buying more expensive compliant fuel.

Operating on HFO with a scrubber also generates less CO2 emissions well-to-wake than compliant fuels, and far less heavy metal emissions.

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The global 0,5% SOx cap will apply worldwide and the ECAs around the world are expected to grow and expand in the years to come. The demand for scrubbers is expected to increase in pace with tightened regulations.

Our scrubber systems are optimised to keep emissions within stipulated limits while using the lowest possible amount of energy, regardless of fuel sulphur content, engine load, or water alkalinity.

Long-term savings on fuel costs and the undoubted availability of HFO over the coming years is good news for global shipping operations, and means that scrubbers are more than just an upfront investment.

Installing a Yara Marine SOx scrubber system is the most economical and efficient way of achieving full compliance with IMO regulations.