Scrubber type

We offer in-line scrubbers (I-type and L-type) and packed bed scrubbers (U-type).

In-line and packed bed scrubbers

A scrubber system consists of one or several scrubber towers installed onboard a vessel. Two design principles dominate, and we offer them both: In-line scrubbers (I-type and L-type) and packed bed scrubbers (U-type).

The choice between them depends on available installation space onboard. Our scrubbers have a small footprint and flexible dimensions to accommodate for the available space. We deliver off-the-shelf solutions or tailor-made designs that fit any installation requirements.

Yara Marine covers all the major marine segments from passenger to cargo vessels – both newbuilds and retrofits. The scrubber can be installed as a single inlet system (one exhaust gas source) or multi-inlet system with the scrubber replacing the ship’s silencer and providing an equivalent sound absorbing effect.

The I-type operates as an integral part of the exhaust pipe, like the silencer it replaces. Consequently, the I-type requires high nickel alloy material in the scrubber tower due to the wide temperature range it is exposed to.

The U-type operates offline from the exhaust pipe, and will thus require a bypass for safety purposes.

Cargo ship

Container ship

Cruise ship

Dry bulk


Oil tanker

Selection criteria

Available space is the primary deciding factor when determining technology choice. The I-type is long and slim while the U-type is short and wide.

Although there are several exceptions, we would generally recommend the I-type if the vessel has space/height available in the funnel (e.g. cruise and container vessels), with the scrubber simply replacing the silencer.

If the vessel is limited on available funnel height, but has ample space/height elsewhere (e.g. crude oil carriers and PCTCS), we would generally recommend the U-type.

Contact us and we will assist you in finding the solution that best fits your vessels and operations.