Flexible design and implementation

Tailor-made solutions and collaboration with customers are key for an optimal implementation process.

We manage each step of the process

We ensure a successful implementation process by designing tailor-made solutions of superior quality and collaborating with our customers from start to finish.

  • Tailor-made designs: Made to fit any installation requirements.
  • Premium material: Our scrubbers are made from high nickel alloys, the only safe choice for operation in the extremely corrosive environment scrubbers are exposed to. This ensures long lifetimes for the systems.
  • Simplicity: No moving parts.
  • Our scrubbers can be installed as single inlet systems (one exhaust gas source) or multi-inlet systems.
  • Our in-line scrubbers can handle any sulphur content in the fuel.
  • Our hybrid scrubbers can operate on multiple types of alkali in closed-loop.
  • Our service team and aftersales department are focused on preventive maintenance in cooperation with customers, but are also on call at any time if unforeseen challenges should appear.
  • Our Training Academy has instructed hundreds of crew members in safe and effective use of our scrubber systems.

Typical installation: 2 weeks dry-dock.

Yara Marine Technologies provides key insights into scrubber asset life-cycle cost, predictive and proactive maintenance, and how to approach long-term service planning.