SOx Scrubbers

Tailor-made scrubber systems built to last.

Superior quality, low OpEx, easy operation.

Clean exhaust

Yara Marine Technologies offers tailor-made SOx scrubber systems.

Flexibility in design and operation enables us to cover all the major marine segments.

Quality, reliability, and cost efficiency are at the core of every system we deliver. 

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What is SOx?

The burning of fossil fuels in diesel engines creates toxic sulphur oxide (SOx) emissions that are harmful to our environments and to our health.

In 2020, the IMO established a global SOx cap at 0,5%.

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What is a scrubber?

A scrubber does as the name suggests, by “scrubbing” the vessel’s exhaust gas through a cloud of water, thereby removing SOx and reducing the harmful emissions generated by burning fuel.

A Yara Marine SOx scrubber system cleans your exhaust and ensures compliance with IMO regulations.

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Replaces existing silencer

Simple operation

No moving parts

Scrubber type

We offer inline scrubbers (I-type and L-type) and packed bed scrubbers (U-type).

Our scrubber systems can be designed to fit any vessel.

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Scrubber mode

We deliver open-loop and hybrid scrubbers. Hybrid scrubbers are able to operate in both open- and closed-loop mode.

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Material choice

Our scrubbers are made from premium materials and come with an optional extended guarantee against corrosion.

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Flexible design and installation

Tailor-made solutions and collaboration with customers for an optimal implementation process.

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Project accomplishments

During 2020 and 2021, we carried out 150 scrubber installations. See statistics and cases that demonstrate the scale and impact of our work.

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Future-proof your vessels

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