Shore Power

Ship-to-shore connections that eliminate emissions at berth.

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Yara Marine Technologies is your reliable partner in providing turnkey shore power solutions.

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What is Shore Power?

Shore power is the process of providing power from a land-based source to a vessel to cover its energy needs at berth.

With this capability, any type of vessel equipped with a shore power system is able to shut down its propulsion and auxiliary engines and rely on the ship-to-shore connection to fulfil its energy demands.

Close up image of NG3 shore power plug connected
Photo: NG3

Key benefits of Shore Power

Outfitting your vessels with shore power systems will provide you with several advantages. Here are some of the key benefits of shore power:

Reduced emissions

Shore power eliminates up to 90% of the vessel’s emissions at berth, thus contributing to reduce global maritime emission, especially if the land-based power source is environmentally friendly. Simultaneously, shore power can save costs for the ship-owner.

Reduce maintenance cost for auxiliary engines

A shore power connection allows the vessel’s auxiliary engines to be shut off, which reduces the regular maintenance requirements due to lower working hours.

Compliance with local/regional/global regulations

National, regional, and local regulatory bodies have started to plan and implement strict requirements with regards to shore power. As an early adopter, ship-owners and operators can be certain that they comply with these regulations.

Reduced port tariffs

Some ports offer an environmental discount on the port tariff when a shore power system is installed on the vessel. Usually, the Environmental Ship Index (ESI) and Clean Shipping Index (CSI) form the basis for the discount. 

Priority pass in ports

Ports often give vessels with shore power systems priority docking, and ferries may be granted advantageous time slots. Additionally, several other financial incentives are offered by ports to induce vessels to connect to an onshore power supply, such as reduced power prices.

Potentially reduced operational expenses

In many ports around the world, the relative fuel price is higher than the price of electricity sourced from a land-based power supply.

Yara Marine Technologies’ containerized shore power solution.

Why choose a turnkey solution?

A turnkey shore power installation provides several benefits while reducing the customer’s risk:

  • Less administration and coordination with a strong Project Management team
  • Vetted sub-contractors with less risk of non-delivery and delays
  • Matching component composition that reduces the risk of incompatibility
  • Purpose-fit solution integrated with the vessel by experienced mechanical and electrical designers
  • Minimal operational disturbances with flexible and experienced installation team (flexible with regards to time)
  • Service organization capable of servicing the system on a global scale throughout the lifetime of the system

Why choose YMT as turnkey solution provider?

Yara Marine Technologies is your reliable partner for turnkey shore power installations. Over 500 successful scrubber installations are proof that Yara Marine Technologies has great experience in planning and executing large maritime technology projects.

With Yara Marine’s solid financial balance and strong ownership, we are able to carry several large projects simultaneously.

In addition to on board shore power solutions, we also offer shore-side solutions, both tailor-made and in partnership with NG3.

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