Service agreements

Together we predict the future. Increase reliability, decrease downtime and costs.

Tailor-made for reliability

Yara Marine offers tailor-made service agreements that minimize the risk of unexpected breakdowns and downtime.

In the planning process, Yara Marine recommends which service work and spare parts are needed, and gives the customer full control over the maintenance budget.

The recommended service plan serves as a starting point for an agreement between the customer and Yara Marine about the required maintenance over the coming year.

Customer benefits

A service agreement favours the customer in terms of smooth and efficient planning of maintenance for their installed technology.

We present a plan for necessary maintenance over the next year and contact you to schedule service on your system. With a service agreement in place you get priority access to our spare part stock. We are always equipped to supply you with spare parts when and where you need them.

By minimizing the risk of unexpected breakdowns and downtime, customers reduce operational expenditures and improve their return on investment.


In order to present an accurate estimate for maintenance, we believe in having as much information as possible.

Yara Marine evaluates the service history of each installation. We save all reports and comments from previously performed service work to make sure we have all the documentation we need.

Increase reliability, decrease costs

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