Crew training

We train your crew in operational excellence of the Yara Marine SOx scrubber system.

Yara Marine Training Academy

Training your crew in the components and functions of the Yara Marine SOx scrubber reduces the threat of downtime, unexpected challenges, and enhances the use of your exhaust gas cleaning system. Training can be on-site or online with a dedicated trainer. We fit your needs.

Quality maintenance:

  • Reduce OPEX and total cost
  • Reduce scrubber downtime
  • Ensure compliance on SOx emissions 
  • Save spare parts
  • Save time with more efficient maintenance
  • Save fuel with more efficient operation
  • Extend scrubber lifetime
  • Prevent damage to other components

Each participant receives a signed certificate of training.

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SOx scrubber training program

Our SOx scrubber training program is divided into 5 modules: General, Legal, Operation, Maintenance, and Troubleshooting.

Each module focuses on what a crew member needs to know to be able to effectively operate and maintain the scrubber system in a safe way.

SOx Scrubber Training Main Learning Objectives

  • Understand the working principles and operational functions of the Yara Marine SOx scrubber
  • Comprehensive scrubber understanding to ensure knowledge of the system
  • Increased safety and equipment reliability
  • Reduced operating and maintenance costs
  • Understanding the regulations and documents controlling the system operation, as well as compliance with regulatory requirements
  • A more confident crew operating and maintaining the SOx Scrubber to secure compliance and minimising downtime

Course information

Target Group
Electrical- and engine officers, technical staff and superintendents
Experience with daily work tasks on board a vessel
Number of participants
Maximum 15 per training course
2 days

Due to Covid-19 travel restrictions, we offer the 2-day training in online format.

Online training

Our online courses introduce the scrubber system and its components with focus on operation and maintenance and cover important aspects of legal and compliance. The online course also covers a simple introduction of troubleshooting and alarms. 


1 day