Record high traffic for Yara Marine during SMM 2018

2018 has already turned out to be a record year for Yara Marine Technologies delivering the company’s best results since the start up in 2010. New records were also made when the company attended this year’s SMM in Hamburg the first week of September.

Over the last year Yara Marine has secured a firm top three position in the maritime exhaust gas cleaning market and although expecting a higher number of visitors than back in 2016, the company was still not prepared for the traffic it actually received during the traditional one week shipping event.

Peter Strandberg being interviewed by Maritime Reporter
Peter Strandberg being interviewed by Maritime Reporter

«The amount of people seeking advice and consultations from us during SMM completely outnumbered our expectations,» says Peter Strandberg, Yara Marine CEO. Strandberg says he cant recall ever doing so many interviews during any shipping event so far in his career. «The mix of new prospects, reporters, maritime media and existing contacts all combined, gave us all a good run for our money during the four-day exhibit,» Strandberg says laughing. «It was a true pleasure talking to each and all and we really look forward to continue our dialogue in the months ahead,» Strandberg concludes.

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