Ports overcome challenges to provide Shore Power

By Martyn Wingrove for Riviera Maritime Media

Two weeks ago, our Head of Shore Power Jon Halvard Bolstad Olsen attended Riviera Maritime Media’s webinar “Paving the way for box ship-shore power”. These are some of his key takeaways as summarized in a recent article by Martyn Wingrove for Riviera:

Jon Halvard Bolstad Olsen, Head of Shore Power, Yara Marine Technologies.
  • The main benefits of shore power are reduced emissions and noise at quaysides, reduced maintenance costs on auxiliary engines as they can be turned off in port, compliance with global and port regulations, reduced port tariffs, priority passes to docking, and lower fuel consumption and operational expenses.
  • Payback time will depend on differences between power price and fuel price, size and type of ship, and the length of port stay. Shipowners can expect to improve their Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) rating by 7-8% and reduce CO2 emissions by 3-6%.
  • Shore power installation is quite complex, but can be done inside ships, in shipyards, or alongside, or a third option by using a containerized solution installed in a shipyard or alongside.
  • Vessels of average size use around 1 tonne of fuel per day in port, so connecting to shore power, just for one day, will cut fuel consumption.

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Originally published by Riviera Maritime Media 8 June 2023.

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