MSC Fantasia receives bureau veritas’ med certificate after passing exhaust gas cleaning system marpol test

Geneva, 20th of February 2017 – MSC Cruises, the Swiss-based world’s largest privately-owned cruise line and brand market leader in Europe, South America and South Africa, and Yara Marine Technologies, a leading manufacturer of innovative exhaust abatement solutions, announced today that MSC Fantasia, the first MSC Cruises ship to be retrofitted with exhaust gas cleaning systems, has received her MED Certificate from Bureau Veritas after passing the MARPOL test. This certifies that the new equipment is fully in line with the EU Marine Equipment Directive requirements.

As part of MSC Cruises’ continuous drive to improve environmental performance, MSC Fantasia and MSC Preziosa are the fleet’s first ships to be retrofitted with hybrid Yara Marine Technologies’ SOx exhaust gas cleaning systems. This cutting-edge equipment cleans the ship’s exhaust gases in accordance with the strictest International Maritime Organization’s 0.1% Emission Control Area requirements. It also guarantees compliance with the upcoming 0.5% global sulphur cap requirement that will come into force in 2020.

The project was led by a team from STX France, the yard that originally built the two vessels. The installation of the process equipment was completed with the ship in full operation, while the dry dock operations, namely the exhaust gas cleaning system installation, were carried out at FINCANTIERI’s shipyard in Palermo.

“Innovation and respect for the environment are core values for our company and absolutely central to how we design, build and develop our ships,” said Emilio La Scala, President & Managing Director of MSC Cruises’ Technical Department. “For this reason, we are pleased to have received Bureau Veritas’ MED Certificate for our first vessel as we continue to work to meet existing as well as upcoming international sulphur emissions requirements.”

“We are very happy that MSC Cruises has received the MED Certificate from Bureau Veritas for the first cruise ship that has been retrofitted with our exhaust gas cleaning systems,” said Kai Latun, Yara Marine’s VP Sales and Marketing. “This certifies that MSC Fantasia’s systems run according to design and is ready to comply with the upcoming global sulphur regulations from 2020,” Mr Latun concluded.

MSC Preziosa, the second MSC Cruises ship to have undergone this programme, is scheduled for sea trials during the first week of May, aiming to receive her MED certificate by mid-June. Other ships in MSC Cruises’ fleet are set to be retrofitted with exhaust gas cleaning systems in coming years, ahead of the entry into force of the new international sulphur emissions requirements in January 2020.

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About Yara Marine Technologies

Yara Marine Technologies offers complete emission control systems for Sox and NOx to the marine market. The company was established in 2014 following the acquisition of Green Tech Marine, by global industrial chemical corporation Yara International. Green Tech Marine has since its origin in 2008 been a forerunner in the emission reduction technology industry being the first company offering the inline SOx scrubber to the marine segment.

Yara is also the largest supplier of NOx abatement equipment – Selective Catalytic Reduction Reactors (SCR) – in the world, with more than 1500 SCR systems installed since year 2000. Installing Yara SCR systems allow marine customers to easily achieve reduction in NOx emissions by up to 99%. Whether ferries, seismic vessels, fishing trawlers or supply vessels or yachts, Yara designs and delivers efficient and compact SCR systems that fit any vessel type.

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Yara’s knowledge, products and solutions grow farmers’, distributors’ and industrial customers’ businesses profitably and responsibly, while protecting the earth’s resources, food and environment. 
Our fertilizers, crop nutrition programs and technologies increase yields, improve product quality and reduce the environmental impact of agricultural practices. Our industrial and environmental solutions improve air quality by reducing emissions from industry and transportation, and serve as key ingredients in the production of a wide range of goods. We foster a culture that promotes the safety of our employees, contractors and societies. Founded in 1905 to solve emerging famine in Europe, today, Yara has a worldwide presence, with close to 13,000 employees and sales to more than 150 countries.

About MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises, part of the Mediterranean Shipping Company, is the number one cruise line in Europe, South America and South Africa, and sails year-round in the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Seasonal itineraries cover northern Europe, the Atlantic Ocean, Cuba and the French Antilles, South America, southern Africa, and Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Oman.

MSC Cruises was born in the Mediterranean, and draws inspiration from this heritage to create a unique experience for holidaymakers worldwide. As a result of a €6 billion investment programme launched in 2003, MSC Cruises’ fleet comprises 12 state-of-the-art cruise ships belonging to three different classes: Lirica, Musica and Fantasia. The fleet’s average age is 7 years, the youngest in the industry.

In 2014, MSC Cruises launched a €9 billion, 10 year investment plan to support the second phase of its growth through the order of up to 11 next generation mega cruise ships. As a result, MSC Cruises’ fleet will double by 2026, while the passenger capacity will triple to reach five million passengers per year. MSC Cruises is the first cruise company to develop an investment plan of this length and magnitude.