Lucrative funding of retrofit scrubber installations

Although long term the most economical solution for cleaning SOx emissions in marine vessels, installing a scrubber for either newbuilds or retrofits still represents a considerable investment short term.

With the implementation of the global Sulphur cap from 2020, ship owners are increasingly opting for scrubber installations as the favourable compliance solution.

Export Credit Norway is a governmentally owned financial institution that offers competitive long and short term loans to finance purchases from Norwegian companies.

  • Favorable fixed/variable interest rate
  • Borrow up to 85% of the contract value
  • Gain access to attractive, stable funding from the Norwegian Government irrespective of market conditions
  • Free up credit from your local banks for other financing needs (overdraft facilities etc)

For ship owners that have several vessels that need to retrofit scrubber systems, Export Credit Norway can offer a credit frame agreement for the entire fleet. The loans for the purchase of the retrofit scrubbers will then be structured as single loans under the credit frame agreement. The single loans will be disbursed upon fulfilment of pre-agreed conditions.

Please contact Yara Marine Technologies for questions regarding scrubber installations on your vessel: