Fleet Analytics

Fleet Analytics is a state-of-the-art performance management and reporting tool that gathers, structures, and analyzes vessel data to support you in making fact-based decisions that improve your operations. 

Turn vessel data into actionable knowledge and realize indirect fuel savings of up to 10%. 

Unlock true vessel potential

Fleet Analytics provides you with real-time data on operational performance – both for individual vessels and the fleet as a whole – and enables you to make comparisons of performance between vessels and across time. These insights allow you to improve operational efficiency, support important decisions, automate reporting duties, and ensure compliance with regulatory requirements.  

Turn data into actionable knowledge to enhance vessel and fleet performance management and use automated reporting – such as voyage and MRV reporting – to save additional resources.

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Cloud-based data analysis and reporting

Fleet Analytics gathers vessel data in real-time from multiple points on board, which is processed and fed back to the software and/or into existing business intelligence solutions. The software tracks the GPS, speed pilot, and alarm system, and particularly the vessel’s fuel consumption, propulsion line, and engine. When FuelOpt is installed, the vessel’s operational data and data from multiple additional source feeds (such as satellite weather, logbooks etc.) are gathered very effectively. 

The data is structured and analyzed in a secure cloud, providing you with full access to valuable information through a web browser – when and where you want it, on board and on shore. All data can be accessed either through the Fleet Analytics web service or through your existing systems (via an API) for visualization and analysis. 

Insights on operational performance are provided for individual vessels and the fleet as a whole, and can be used both for daily follow-up and for long-term performance analysis.  

Monitor: Vessel status / Analyze: In-depth performance analysis / Compare: Aggregated fleet view

In addition, Fleet Analytics guides you through reporting duties, step by step. Once the crew completes the voyage reporting in a few clicks, MRV reporting is proposed automatically.  

Automated and simplified reporting

Key benefits of Fleet Analytics

In the rapidly modernizing maritime industry, data and knowledge are becoming increasingly important to maintain competitiveness and strong returns. They are also key enabling factors of the green transition. 

Fleet Analytics ensures that you always have the insights you need at your fingertips, which provides you with many valuable benefits: 

  • Holistic performance management and improved operational efficiency 
  • Indirect fuel and emissions savings of up to 10% 
  • Fact-based decisions made easy by turning data into actionable knowledge
  • Real-time monitoring of vessel and fleet operations 
  • Benchmarking of vessels against the existing fleet 
  • Automated and simplified voyage and environmental reporting 
  • Learn from each voyage and improve continuously 
  • Improve preventive maintenance and service planning
  • Data available on board and on shore 
  • User-friendly web interface 

Combine data analysis with fuel optimization

Fleet Analytics is available as a pure performance management and reporting tool, but becomes even more powerful when used in combination with FuelOpt. 

With both systems installed, the user gains a unique combination of data analysis over time and direct fuel optimization every second. 

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