Increased recruitment for Yara’s marine exhaust gas cleaning division in Sweden

At Yara we believe knowledge grows. We grow in numbers and in knowledge, experience and skills literally every single day!  We consider our employees to be the company’s most valuable resource.

To be a head of the game we need to make sure we have the exhaust gas cleaning market’s top minds working to develop our company in all areas, whether this is project, purchase, finance or R&D. To further strengthen our position and to secure continuous growth and expansion we are therefore staffing up.

Exhaust gas cleaning division in Sweden

Please welcome to Yara Marine Technologies (from bottom left): Carl Edelberg, Sebastian Simu, Yun Sun, (from left top row) Daniel Ek Weis, Linda Kindell Breding, Mohit Mohit, Felix Ross, Johan Nilsson,  Richard Kristiansson, Sandra Cesarino. We look forward to growing our knowledge with all of you to make sure we continue to develop the market’s best exhaust gas cleaning solutions for SOx and NOx.