Health and Safety Day 2019

Last week, Yara Marine Technologies HESQ team hosted the company’s annual Health and Safety Day in Gothenburg Sweden for the company’s rapidly increasing number of employees.

Each year Yara dedicates one entire day where all the employees, worldwide, come together and focus on the importance of working in safe and healthy conditions. Each year a special focus area is chosen and for Yara Marine, this year’s topic was the psychosocial effect of change in an organization.

Yara Marine Health and Safety day 2019

With the recent ramp up the company has been handling, the topic of chance was and will continue to be an important focus area also in the time ahead.

“The ability people have to accept and understand changes in the workplace is something that can have a great impact on their mental health and well being”, Radgowska says. Even for companies not undergoing huge growth periods or ramping up efforts, the topic is still important. “Changes are part of everyday life both in our private and professional life. Our goal is to provide people with the necessary tools not only to cope but to thrive with changes”, Karolina Radgowska concludes.

Karolina Radgowska
Karolina Radgowska

Safe by Choice is the name of Yara’s journey towards higher safety performance. Yara Marine’s health and safety team works under the motto that accidents are preventable and the company has a strong culture for safe operational practices for all its personnel. In Yara Marine we have a growing department of dedicated HESQ resources. The team of 8 employees are located in both Shanghai and Oslo and is led by HESQ manager Karolina Radgowska.