Harnessing wind’s zero-emissions power to lower OPEX (WindWings)

By John Snyder for Riviera Maritime Media

When speaking to industry delegates during the Maritime Decarbonization Asia Conference earlier this year, our Commercial Director Richard Engelhart Bjercke shared insights into the ongoing installations of the BARTech WindWings by Yara Marine, as well as the benefits of this groundbreaking wind propulsion system.

These were some of the key points he made at the conference, as recounted in a recent article by Riviera Maritime Media:

  • Each Wing is fitted with sensors to automatically maximize thrust
  • Simulations demonstrate savings of c1.5 tonnes of fuel per Wing per day on average global routes, significantly reducing OPEX and emissions
  • The Wings are designed to last the lifetime of the vessel
  • The Wings can be removed and retrofitted on other vessels
  • Wind propulsion will help ship operators navigate the uncertainty surrounding alternative fuels, the implementation of the CII this year, and shipping’s inclusion in the EU ETS next year

The WindWings system has also received a Type Approval Design Certificate (TADC) from DNV, as reported by TradeWinds last week. This provides a clear route forward for the system to be installed on any DNV-classed vessel, either as a retrofit or on newbuilds.

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Originally published by Riviera Maritime Media 20 June 2023.

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