Protecting the planet

Social and environmental responsibility is important to the people of Yara Marine. Our vision is a healthy planet for future generations.

What is SOx?

The burning of fossil fuels in diesel engines creates toxic SOx (Sulphur Oxides) that can disrupt the world’s eco systems, be damaging to the environment and cause harm to human health. SOx emissions can cause premature mortality, heart attack, lung disease, asthma and other respiratory symptoms. Ships are heavy emitters of SOx and Yara Marine Technologies delivers exhaust gas cleaning technology to help shipowners reduce the Sulphur emission levels according to IMO regulations.

In October 2016, International Maritime Organization (IMO) voted on a global Sulphur oxide limit. 1st of January 2020, the new regulations took effect. A global Sulphur cap at 0,5% applied in addition to the emission control areas where SOx emission are not allowed to exceed 0,1%.