ESG Watch: Expert thinking on ESG in the maritime industry (Shore Power)

By SAFETY4SEA´s Editorial Team

As part of SAFETY4SEA’s column ESG Watch, our CSO Aleksander Askeland was recently asked the following question:

“If you could change one thing that would have either an immediate or profound impact on ESG performance, what would it be and why?”

His answer:

“The availability of resilient port infrastructure to support shore power will have a profound and immediate impact on all aspects of ESG performance. Shore power minimizes the need for vessels to consume fuel while in port, providing tangible benefits for ship operators and charterers. It offers immediate social benefits to crew and coastal communities by minimizing emissions and noise while in port. And, if supported by data-gathering frameworks, can demonstrate compliance with increasingly strict emissions regulations.”

Aleksander Askeland, Chief Sales Officer, Yara Marine Technologies.

Read further takes on this crucial question by the impressive list of maritime stakeholders interviewed in the full column.

Originally published by SAFETY4SEA 25 May 2023.

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