Charting the future of maritime: A century ahead

At London International Shipping week, Yara Marine Technologies and Wikborg Rein hosted a panel discussion exploring the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the maritime sector over the coming century.

LISW Charting the future of maritime: A century ahead from Wikborg Rein on Vimeo.

The maritime sector is evolving at a rapid pace, navigating challenges such as decarbonisation, digitalisation, fleet renewal, financing and geopolitical conflict.

The event invited reflection on the past while forging ahead into the future and was certainly a highlight of the LISW 2023 calendar. The distinguished panel of experts represented a diverse spectrum of maritime perspectives, including ship owners, technical managers, equipment manufacturers, legal experts, regulators, and decarbonisation specialists. Through their insights, the high-level discussion covered pressing topics such as:

  • Existing and forthcoming emissions regulations.
  • Legal ramifications for ship owners and operators.
  • Insurance and finance strategies for emerging ships and technologies.
  • Assessing demand, availability, and scalability of green fuels and technologies.
  • Technical implementation of vessel emission reductions.
  • Class implications for vessels and operators.