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Yara Marine Technologies has a strong emphasis on research and development as a part of continuous product optimization and development of the product portfolio. Attracting the best industry candidates remains a key focus to continue the journey as a market leader and driver for developing state of the art emission control technology for the maritime industry.

In Yara Marine Technologies, you will be part of an innovative global company in front of green technology for the maritime industry, with strong growth. We are always looking for ambitious and curious colleagues who are keen to make a difference. Our company grows as our colleagues grow. Therefore we put high focus on development and engagement through different processes and projects.

Onboarding new colleagues is of high importance and one of our most crucial processes in YMT. All new colleagues will join our onboarding process and buddy program to be introduced to the company and colleagues, create feeling of belonging and to provide conditions for engagement and performance early in the employment.

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“I wanted to work in green technology. My first impression during the interview was that if I got the job, I would be able to work with people from different nationalities. And that’s something I enjoy about it here: the diversity.”

Amir Jourak, Technical Analysis Lead Engineer, Oslo

“What attracts me most is the company’s environmental protection concept. I would like to join the company and make my own contribution to environmental protection”


“I have been working in the maritime industry for the last 18 years. One of the main reasons for why I applied to Yara Marine Technologies, was that I wanted work closer to the scrubber process and expand my knowledge in scrubber automation systems.”

Silviu Carraveri, Team Leader FAT, GOTHENBURG