Be part of the solution

For the planet, for the environment, for the people.

Driving the change together

Shipping is not a homogenous industry – it consists of operators with uniquely defined needs that all need to be understood and catered to. There is not, nor will there be, one compliance solution for all types of vessels. That is why so many new ideas and different solutions are needed when we focus on sustainable shipping for the future.

As an industry, we are in a significant period of transformation. There is no denying that ship-owners need the solutions that technology companies invest heavily in finding and developing on their behalf. We need to work together in developing the best solutions for the future, for a strong, modern, and competitive industry.

The maritime industry impacts the world around us. We believe we need solutions that are not only about IMO compliance. We believe the solutions must go beyond technology in itself, and focus on what it can achieve for the planet, for the environment, for the people, for you and your family. For what really matters.

We are working everyday to be part of the solution.

Join us on this journey if you want to be part of the solution too.

We asked some of our colleagues why they want to be part of the solution:

Johnny Fornstedt, Managing Director, YMT Gothenburg

Sylvia Guo, Admin Officer, YMT Shanghai
Erik Nilsson, Sales Representative Aftersale, YMT Gothenburg
Joanna Kierska, CFO, YMT HQ Oslo
Ina Reksten, COO, YMT HQ Oslo