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A healthy planet for future generations.

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Our mission

We provide technologies to enable a greener maritime industry.

Yara Marine Technologies provides technologies to enable a greener maritime industry.

Ever since the beginning in 2010, Yara Marine Technologies has been a frontrunner in the emission reduction technology industry. The company soon developed into one of the world’s largest providers of high-quality scrubber systems.

Yara Marine Technologies was the first company to offer the inline SOx scrubber to the marine segment. The company was also the first to introduce the multi-engine inlet and the flexible mini scrubber that drastically reduces the design footprint on the vessel.

With more than 400 scrubber systems delivered and millions of successful operating hours, the company has an impressive amount of experience in the marine exhaust gas cleaning industry, delivering scrubbers to all the major marine segments.

Today, we provide a portfolio of green technologies. We work as yards’ and ship-owners’ partners to reduce and eliminate ship emissions. Partners who share our vision of a healthy planet for future generations.

Yara Marine Technologies has offices in Sweden, China, and HQ in Oslo, Norway.

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