Three quick takes on Nor-Shipping 2023

Nor-Shipping is right around the corner! While waiting for the event to kick off next week we had a quick chat with our Commercial Director Richard Engelhart Bjercke about his expectations and his thoughts about this year’s theme of #PartnerShip.

1. Nor-Shipping is a big event for us and has become a company tradition. What are you looking forward to this year?

“Having the chance to meet so many industry stakeholders face-to-face is important in these times of rapid change, and I’m excited to welcome all our partners to Norway and to our booth for a chat. Nor-Shipping gives us the opportunity to provide updates on all the recent developments in our product portfolio, and we might have an interesting new thing or two to show at our booth. I’m especially looking forward to updating everyone about our efforts to put the BARTech WindWings by Yara Marine on the water.”

2. This year’s theme is partnership. What does that mean to you?

“Partnership means everything to me. Reaching the decarbonization targets and getting the global fleet prepared for the future in a mutually beneficial and profitable way is a task we can only complete as partners. We will not be able to take the real big steps if we don’t work together. For example, we need to show the world that wind-assisted propulsion is one of the future winning scenarios in shipping. We can’t do it alone, but if we work together with customers, competitors, and special interest groups, we can reach our shared goals.”

3. What do you think is the most important thing that needs to happen in terms of partnership to reach our industry’s decarbonization goals?

“Cooperation between shipowners, authorities, technology providers, and yards. We can only reach our goals through collaboration and will fail if we work against each other. We need to dare to think differently and be willing to be early movers!”

Interested in further perspectives on partnership and the future of shipping?

If you’re attending Nor-Shipping this year, you’re more than welcome to visit us at booth C03-26 for conversations and coffee!

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